Visit our animal park.

It is a space at 2,000 meters above sea level where visitors can explore the facilities integrated in the landscape and from which they will be able to observe the most representative species in the Pyrenees. Thus, this area becomes the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant day and discover one of the attractions of Naturlandia. Depending on the time of year, visitors will travel through the natural area of ​​the planar area on foot, with cross-country skiing or snowshoes.

The appeal of Naturlandia will be to share with total safety the natural environment with animals spread across the different areas of the forest. Thus we will find the area dedicated to the brown bear in the Pyrenees that will allow you to approach the animal and share moments of great emotional intensity. The bear is undoubtedly the most mythical animal in the Pyrenees, the object of legends and traditions and that we will know in the observation gallery dedicated to it.

You can also enjoy the observation of wolves and their habitat from different perspectives. We will find one of the most predatory and most impressive wildlife mammals. We will know closely the characteristics and anecdotes of one of the animals most persecuted for centuries by their black legend and we will learn to respect it and keep watch over it. The park also allows the observation of boreal lynx, marmots (summer) and a large area of ​​herbivores where different species such as common deer, daines, muleons or small deer sika will be observed.

Complete the visit to the park with the route through the “way of the old offices”, a space with a total of 10 representative figures of the ancient trades related to the culture of the Pyrenees and the forest of La Rabassa, such as charcoal, woodcutter, shepherd …


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