Adrenaline experience for 2

For lovers of thrills and the natural environment, this is definitely your perfect plan.


  • Tobotronc 1 way (11am)
  • Buggy 30 minuts guided route on double buggy (1pm)

Experience the toboggan run, the longest alpine slide in the world with a 5.3km route. Sitting on a sled, enjoy the surroundings with this unique experience.

In addition, discover the surroundings of Pic Negre and La Rabassa, with a guided excursion in a double buggy.


85€ (42,50€/person)

Take attention:

The toboggan activity is located in the sector of “cota 1600”. Remember to respect the schedule of access to the activity and plan to arrive in time to be able to go through the ticket office before to validate your reservation.

The activity of the buggy is located in the sector “cota 2000”, located 8km from the “cota 1600”, where you will have to access with your vehicle. We will leave you 1 hour between each activity to guaranty you have enough time to go to “cota 2000”.


  • Adult from 14 years.
  • Price for 2 people
  • 2 people in the same vehicle (double buggy).
  • Driver of a buggy vehicle, over 18 years old with a driving license.
  • Tobotronc schedule: 11am
  • Buggy excursion schedule: 1pm
  • Presented in the RESERVATION boxes, located inside the building, next to “LA CAFETERIA” sector level 1600 before 10:30 am. We open at 9:30 am.

Lunch menu supplement “Chuletón” restaurant "La Cervesera":

Do not miss this proposal, we are sure that when you finish the activities you will be hungry and you will not find a better place to enjoy a good styled Basque steak!

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