What measures have we taken at Naturlandia?

At Naturlandia we have taken extraordinary prevention and cleaning measures in all our facilities, following the recommendations of the Andorran Ministry of Health. We want to ensure the health and well-being of visitors and workers, acting with the responsibility that the current situation requires.

Cancellation conditions for COVID-19 Coronavirus related causes:

  • If you have to cancel your reservation due to the impossibility of traveling, either because you are in an area where it is recommended to restrict your mobility, or because you have been detected as positive of COVID-19, or as a contact for a positive case of COVID-19: We give you your money back!
  • Send your cancellation request to info@naturlandia.ad. We will need a medical receipt in case you are positive for COVID-19, or contact of a positive for COVID-19, and you need to remain confined.
  • In case you do not want to come to be within an area where it is recommended to restrict your mobility, you must request cancellation 48 hours in advance of the date of your reservation.
  • If you do it in less than 48 hours, you will not lose your reservation neither your money, we can postpone it for another date.

Cleaning protocols have been strengthened before, during and at the end of the day.

Terrace spaces have been extended to ensure better spacing between tables.

Hydro-alcohol dispensing points have been set up throughout the park.

Clean points have been set up in different areas of the park.

Marking and signage have been installed on the ground to establish social distances.

Always maintain the recommended social distance.

We recommend buying tickets online to ensure availability. Limited capacity. Modifications and cancellations can be made up to 48 hours before arrival.

The use of the mask is mandatory as long as the interpersonal safety distance between non-living people of 1.5m cannot be maintained.

Payment by credit card is recommended.

To access our activities, restaurants or shops, follow the directions of the park.

Wash your hands regularly.

If you have to cough or sneeze, do it with the recommended guidelines.

The park staff is at your disposal for any questions, follow their instructions.

Visit us another day if you have any symptoms that affect your health, cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough or fever.


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