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1- Introduction

Presentation: “NATURLANDIA, the adventure park in Andorra”
Naturlandia theme park is a nature created five years ago and is located in the forest and the plan Rabassa between 1,600 and 2,000 meters, in the city of Sant Julia de Loria (Principality of Andorra) .
Naturlandia at the beginning, are the ski slopes of La Rabassa that funds placed in level 2000 and have been for decades the only clues of its kind in the Principality of Andorra.
As such Naturlandia Park is open 365 days a year and carried out activities in both winter and summer. In an environment of beautiful scenery and exceptional panoramas offers numerous nature activities.
Animal parks are places of great appeal to the general public, although sometimes underestimated the great educational and teaching tool that represents and unfortunately simply function as exhibition centers.
Education in Naturlandia will be our main condition to instill the knowledge, values and respect for our natural environment using leisure as a key catalyst and complementing the offer with a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

2- Planning

Programs for working with students from different Educational Systems. The main objective of these students will gradually come to the knowledge of nature in a reflective, participatory and fun.

In order for schools to complete their visit to the park with learning experiences and turning it into a real educational resource and as a complementary tool for teachers, giving support to the issues already studied in the classroom.

Our offer can be aimed at both the educational community (maternal education schools, primary and secondary, vocational, special education, the university community ….) and 3rd age groups, associations of groupings, clubs, cultural centers, events or any other group that wants to benefit from this offer.

Our team is composed of professionals of different specialties, thus forming a large multidisciplinary team.

The proposed activities will take place always in the best frame and the largest “nature classroom,” the forest of La Rabassa to 2.050m high. The main buildings of the Park will host educational and cultural activities to make it so, a major center of interpretation. It also has several multipurpose rooms that serve as classrooms to develop different activities and educational workshops.

365 days a year. Naturlandia adapt different educational offerings each season.

HOW ?:
Our education team will develop a program of activities tailored to your interests and / or needs. All activities are suitable for ages and different levels of education so that students can learn and make the most of the festivities in our park.

Therefore, our offer consists of:

Guided tours.
Free visits.
Environmental Education Workshops.
Visits & workshops.
Interactive workshops (specially adapted and recommended for groups with special educational needs).
Thematic routes; routes and routes and to discover and enjoy nature highlighting the key points of the surroundings of La Rabassa, whether geological, historical, cultural … this way and according to the time of the year, can make walking tours, snowshoe or cross-country skiing. Highlights so;
Route of the bunkers.
Route fossils.
Secrets of the Forest Route (flora and fauna of La Rabassa).
Route of the ancient crafts of the forest.
Packages “combi” (visits + + educational workshops and recreational activities);
” On demand”

3- Resourses

Parking for buses.
Picnic areas (inside and outside) equipped with tables and benches.
Classrooms nature and audiovisual rooms.
Restore points.
Educational material for the development of the activity and field notes for each student.
Educational material to reinforce the work of the teacher.
Human team:
The multidisciplinary team of specialized educators.

4- Educational dossier

Download dossier HERE

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