Leisure days for business groups

Naturlandia offers a varied proposal of activities, as well as complementary services.

The Naturlandia team can offer you a personalized proposal, in team building format, with team activities, with scores and final classification.

TEAM BUILDING: Our team of monitors will follow the complete follow-up of the day. These days can promote different aspects that the company sees fit:

Improve worker motivation, teamwork, team coexistence, mutual trust between team members, increase self-awareness, strengths and weaknesses of the person and help improve the work environment and the creativity of the teams.

Naturlandia's business team will assist you, and after holding a conversation setting out the main objectives of the day, you will adapt the proposal of the activities.

Thanks to the monitor team of Naturlandia, continuous monitoring, coordination and control of all activities are offered.

The main activities are:
• Tobotronc
• Airtrekk + zipline
• Archery
• Bumper ball
• Circuit jeep a pedals
• Orientation circuit
• Escape room
• Buggys
• Snowmobiles (in winter season)
• Snowshoes (in winter season)
• Cross-country skiing (in winter season)

Other services:

Meeting rooms: Naturlandia has rooms in case the company wants to establish a meeting or training within the day. We have rooms that we can wear in the way that the company wants. We offer projector, and free Wi-Fi.

Food & beverage: Naturlandia's restaurant service offers a wide offer such as varied menus, coffee breaks, snacks, personalized offerings in the company's budget.

Accommodation: Naturland has a Hostel with 116 beds, shared rooms, all with bunk beds, and changing rooms, TV room, disco room and recreation space.

Group prices will apply from 20 people; with 1 free for every 20 people paying. The prices will depend on the activities and services arranged.

Consult with your sales department your personalized proposal.
Contact: comercial@naturlandia.ad
Tel: (+376) 741444

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