Enjoy a day full of activities.

Includes entrance to Naturlandia and room escape game.

  • Naturlandia single entry (10h00 a 18h00): Includes no limited activities.
  • Andorra Quest room: Andorra Quest Room is a space where you are going to live a great experience and you will become the main character. Make a group from 2 to 5 people and show together your logic, skills and coordination are up to any challenge. You will have to solve riddles, follow hints, investigate and work together to complete the story and open the exit door. Can you escape the room in less than 60 minuts?


Adult groups Price group Price per person
2 adults 126€ 63€
3 adults 156€ 52€
4 adults 184€ 46€
5 adults 210€ 42€


Family groups Price group Price per person
2 adults + 1 child 150€ 50€
2 adults + 2 childs 176€ 44€
2 adults + 3 childs 200€ 40€
3 adults + 1 child 180€ 45€
3 adults + 2 childs 200€ 40€
4 adults + 1 child 205€ 41€
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