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NATURLANDIA, situated near the village of Sant Julià de Lòria, is the adventure park in Andorra, located between 1,600 and 2,000 meters in the area of La Rabassa, surrounded by forests of 800 hectares in a state of perfect preservation. We offer all kinds of nature, sports, educational, leisure and, above all, leisure activities designed for all audiences.

Naturlandia presents the only cross-country ski resort in Andorra, as well as the only animal park in the country located at an altitude of 2000 meters with the most representative animals in the Pyrenees.

Naturlandia offers special activity packages for adult groups, school groups, the elderly, families, groups with reduced mobility, business incentives, always adapted to the needs of each client. The park is complemented by a restaurant service that prioritizes quality products and kilometer 0, first aid infirmary, parking, shop, free wifi.

The cross-country ski resort of La Rabassa offers 15 km of pistes, with different levels from a beginner's area, to a red piste for the more experienced. It is one of the most representative Nordic ski resorts in the Pyrenees. The benefits of cross-country skiing are many, it is an accessible sport for all users who want to practice it and it provides close contact with nature.

Where are we?

The park is divided into two areas differentiated by their altitude. One is “cota 1600”, it means 1600m of altitude,  where we have  mainly amb most popular activities, and the second area is “cota 2000” which means 2000m of altitude,  and  where we have the activities of routes and circuits  around forests and the animal park. The two areas are connected by road, with a distance of 8 km.

  • “Cota 1600” is 8 km from Sant Julià de Lòria, and 15 km from the center of the capital, Andorra La Vella.
  • “Cota 2000” is 8km from “cota 1600”, and 16 km from Sant Julià de Lòria, or 23km from Andorra la Vella.


We inform our customers that the tickets and the reservations can be purchased at any of our 2 points of sale.

  • Cota 1600: Located in the Crta. of La Rabassa km8, is the sector of cota 1600 in which we find the activities of the airtrekk, the circuit of buggy or the tobotronc. Cota 1600 will remain closed in winter season, except in high season.
  • Cota 2000: Located in the Crta. of La Rabassa km 16, is the sector of cota 2000 where are the cross-country ski resort, the animal park, the guided activities and the tobotronc. This sector will be the main sector open all winter.


  • • Naturlandia, activities areas “cota 2000” and “cota 1600”: From May 1st to June 30th: open every weekend and on May 24th. From July 3 to September 12 we open every day. From September 18th to November 1st, we are open on weekends and October 11th and 12th.
  • • Opening hours will be from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • • Restaurant Borda de Conangle Opening :.
  • • Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00 to 18:00.
  • • Opening of the cafeteria-restaurant El Foc area “cota 1600”: weekends from 10am to 6pm.


Can I bring my pet to the park?

Pet animals can enter Naturlandia, as long as they are properly tied. They will not be able to access inside the park of the animal park.

What can the child do not even have 3 years to do the activities?

Children under 3 years old can not access the activities. They can be enjoyed free of charge from the animal park, and from the children's workshops. The park also has a small playground in the sector of the 1600 level.

There is parking?

  • Cota 1600 parking: Free.
  • Cota 2000 parking: Free.

Parking is open. Once full, you can park in an orderly way on the road, if you do not obstruct the passage of vehicles.

There is public transport to access Naturlandia?

There is a public transport service from Sant Julià de Lòria to Naturlandia. The service is the "Quart bus"; It is a 19-seat bus. The schedules can be consulted here.

Do you have to pay entrance to access Naturlandia?

You can access Naturlandia without buying tickets. Entry must be purchased to access the activities. It is allowed to enter and leave the park during the opening hours of the park as many times as you like.

Can you bring food to the park?

It is allowed to enter the park with food. The park has some picnic areas. Picnic is not allowed in park-enabled areas. It is not allowed to leave garbage on the floor. For safety it is not allowed to feed the animals in the park.


Activities subject to availability and weather conditions.

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